St Johns Food Fight Competition

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News Date: 
October 24, 2012

Nourishment Network is pleased to announce the 10th Annual “Food Fight” food drive, which will run from Monday, Nov. 5, to Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. We are inviting all schools in the St. Johns County school district to participate in this important tradition, which has benefitted thousands of people in need since its inception.

Students can fight hunger in St. Johns County by donating non-perishable items that families can build meals from throughout the holiday season and beyond, such as:

• Low sodium canned fruits, vegetables, and beans

• Canned meats and proteins like tuna, chicken, and peanut butter

• Other staples such as pasta, soup, macaroni and cheese, cereal, instant potatoes, granola bars, rice, snacks

Middle school and high school students will compete to see which school collects the most pounds per student. The winner earns the right to proudly display the Traveling Trophy until next year’s competition! For participating elementary schools, rather than emphasizing competition among younger children, students can have fun and get involved by collecting items based on their grade level:

Kindergarten = peanut butter and jelly1st grade = canned vegetables2nd grade = canned beans and/or canned meats3rd grade = canned fruits4th grade = boxed pasta and canned soups5th grade = cereal and breakfast items

This Thanksgiving, one in four children will face food insecurity, but your school can help make the holidays a happier time for those less fortunate! The food collected will go to Nourishment Network’s St. Augustine location and will be distributed to our partner organizations who serve our neighbors in need in St. Johns County.

A representative from each participating school should contact Toni Williams from Nourishment Network by Friday, October 19th to coordinate their participation in the food drive, including the delivery and pick-up of food drive barrels. We have a limited quantity of barrels which are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can reach Toni by phone at (904) 517-5560 or by email at

Thank you to all of the students, teachers, and school staff who have made the Food Fight food drive so successful in the past. We truly appreciate your continued support as we work toward ending hunger in Northeast Florida.

Download the flyer below for more information. 


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