How to host a food drive

Hunger is not isolated to one event, one day or one season. Hunger does not discriminate by race, faith or age; it exists throughout our community, affecting people of all types: employed and unemployed, men, women and children, families and singles.

Help Nourishment Network by hosting a food drive at your school, place of work, place of worship, in your neighborhood or with your community organization. Download the forms and information below to get started! 

The following registration form is required of all food drives regardless of size.  All requests must be sumbmitted two weeks prior to the start date of your food drive.  Due to the limited number of barrels we have in our inventory and our limited transportation resources, please follow these guidelines.

Guidelines for Smaller Food Drives
(Anticipating Less than 300 Pounds)

Please use your own receptacles.  Sturdy boxes work well, and we even have a color poster you can download to place on the front of your box. However, if you would like to use one of our barrels and we have one available, you are welcome to come pick one up. 

Guidelines for Larger Food Drives
(Anticipating 300 Pounds or More)

For larger food drives, Nourishment Network may be able to provide (based on availability and on a first come, first serve basis) one or more barrels. September-December is our busiest food drive season.  Barrel availability is on a first come, first serve basis.  We try to accommodate everyone that wishes to hold a food drive and requires a barrel for 300+ pounds. However, due to demand on our limited resources, this may not always be possible.

For more ideas, tips, suggestions or questions – or to request help – please contact Jennifer Arnold at 730-8266 or


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