Community Garden Initiative

Nourishment Network is partnering with other local organizations, including the Friends of Northeast Florida Community Gardens, Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville (HabiJax) and Beaches Habitat for Humanity (Beaches Habitat), to introduce Community Food Garden projects on donated parcels in food insecure neighborhoods that will empower families in hunger to grow vegetables and fruit in quantities sufficient to supplement every meal. This project will assist food insecure neighborhoods in the planning, development, cultivation and harvest of community food gardens, turning a donated parcel into a productive and sustainable neighborhood garden.


Saturday, December 8th 10:00am

   Volunteer for the morning at the S.P. Livingston Elementary School garden. We will be irrigating the garden beds to increase the amount of food that the students are able to grow. You don't need any experience, only a willingness to help and learn. 

You can find out more information by calling 904.365.4144 or emailing

Patricia Aguilar Memorial Garden at Jacksonville Beach - Plots available to rent!

The community garden in Jacksonville Beach is ready for gardeners! Let us know if you are interested in renting a plot or volunteering to help care for plots that benefit the food pantry at BEAM. For more information all 904.365.4144 or email 



  • Nourishment Network will never solve the issue of hunger alone.  It’s too complex.  This community-wide issue requires a community-based solution.


Helping Build New Community Gardens: 

  • Nourishment Network is collaborating with community-based organizations on a program to create sustainable community gardens.  The premise of our work is to create a ‘template’ that addresses the barriers citizens come up against when they want to create one.
  • An experienced community gardens project manager/mentor/educator will assist in the planning, introduction and development, managing resident volunteers, cultivating and harvesting produce yields. Primary to the role will be the training of 20 neighborhood resident families who will actively participate in growing and maintaining a sustainable garden that will produce healthy and nutritious food year-round to supplement every meal. 
  • Residents will be provided with the lot, tools, seed, water and other resources needed to start the community garden, in addition to receiving education and guidance along the way – to ensure that the garden is successfully installed, planted and cared for, with yields producing nutritious produce enough year-round to readily supplement the meals of those families participating.
Working with Established Community Gardens:

  • Thanks to Friends of Northeast Florida Community Gardens, we know that there are over 80 community gardens in northeast Florida. We want to help these gardens feed their neighbors. When a garden has space to dedicate to growing food for the hungry we will provide them with seeds and seedings to plant. 



  • Planting twenty (20) 4'x4' beds, each per-bed yield will supply a typical family of 4 with at least one salad and one vegetable serving per day year-round.
  • Each 4'x4' garden bed can provide 16 heads of lettuce, 1 head of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, 4 bunches of beet greens and associated beets as well as 8 bunches of Swiss chard, 32 carrots, 32 radishes and 5 pounds of peas.


  • Initial funding for this project has been provided by Carmax and Healthy Jacksonville, but community support will be required to sustain the program long-term and continue planting gardens in the most at-risk areas of our community. 


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